Endorsement® Requirements
Education and/or Work Experience Any academic degree, including Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate
Official transcript/certificate from Child Development Associate (CDA)
Official transcript from Associate’s degree (AD) in related area
Two years of infant and early childhood-related paid work experience (include official transcripts from any college courses completed)
TrainingMinimum 30 clock hours of relationship-based education and training pertaining to the promotion of social-emotional development and/or the practice of infant mental health. Applicants will include as many hours as necessary to document that competencies (as specified in Competency Guidelines®) have been met
Professional Reference RatingsTotal of three ratings:
  1. One must come from a current supervisor
  2. At least one must come from an individual who meets ORIMHA Endorsement® requirements at Level II, III, or IV OR is familiar with the Competency Guidelines® and vetted by ORIMHA
  3. One can come from a colleague, or a parent/recipient of services (paid or volunteer), teacher, CDA mentor, Board member
Code of Ethics &
Endorsement® AgreementSigned
Documentation of CompetenciesApplication will document that competencies have been adequately met through course work, paid and/or volunteer work experiences, or in-service training. Written examination not required for applicants seeking Infant Family Associate Endorsement®
Professional MembershipMembership in ORIMHA or another infant mental health association