The committees below are a crucial part of the infrastructure of the organization.  ORIMHA needs member involvement to be a success.  Please consider volunteering to be part of a committee by contacting the chair of that committee.

Membership – Chair: Pam Skiver.  The membership committee focuses on welcoming new members, raising awareness of ORIMHA statewide through marketing activities, retaining members through renewals, and recruiting organizational memberships.

Endorsement – Chair: Paige Light.  The endorsement committee runs the IMH endorsement process which includes raising awareness about endorsement, collaborating with endorsement program partners (e.g., OHA, MI-AIMH), processing and evaluating applications, administering the endorsement exams for Levels III and IV, providing feedback to applicants. The endorsement committee also works to increase the availability of affordable good-quality reflective supervision in Oregon, especially in underserved areas. The endorsement committee also seeks funds to provide scholarships for needy individuals around reflective supervision or endorsement costs.

Professional Development – Chair: Nan LeRoy.  The Professional Development committee organizes ORIMHA membership meetings (scheduling, finding venues, arranging content, announcing the meeting, arranging for the meeting to be available electronically to members at a distance) and community-wide trainings.

Board Development – Chair: Susan Fischer.  The Board Development committee recruits and orients new board members, organizes governance trainings for board members, conducts exit interviews with departing board members, and leads the process for the selection of officers.

Finance – Chair: Jessica Hall.  The Finance committee works with the treasurer to ensure ORIMHA follows sound fiscal management policies, contracts with ORIMHA’s accountant and bookkeeper, and does long range financial/budget planning.

Advocacy – Chair: Suey Linzmeier.  The Advocacy committee brings to the Board and the membership issues of concern to the IMH community that ORIMHA may want to establish positions on and recommend actions to the public or government officials.

Executive – Chair: Redmond Reams.  The executive committee is composed of the officers of ORIMHA.  The Executive Committee often meets with others board members, and any committee chairs who are not already officers or board members. The executive committee makes major governance decisions for ORIMHA.